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Slow running BG jobs - disparate datacenters

Question asked by Dave_3.0 Champion on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by jleonerego

Hello - in a bit of strange situation that I don't yet know whether is a problem or not.... ;


I have a pretty old (long out of support) v8.1 system, it was sat across 3 physical Win2003 server (2xAPPs on 2 of the servers, BG and Actuate (yes very very old and out of support) on the other) - database is on a Unix box with SAN storage.  Everything worked OK, performance generally fine.


All the above kit was located in "datacenter #1"


For reasons well out of my control, the 3 win servers have just been virtualised and moved to a VM platform running in "datacenter #2" , currently the Unix machine with the database on is at the moment, still in "datacenter #1". The 2 datacenters are not physically close to each other. The Unix machine/SAN will very shortly be physically moved to "datacentre #2" though.


We anticipated problems with the 2-datacentre situation (just due to latency) ; but to be fair, the front-end application is running OK across 2 virtual Win servers (which gained new IP addresses as part of the process). And I don't know anything about the network links / capacity between the datacenters either.


However, a couple of key BG jobs are behaving a little bit oddly on the third sever ; specifically POST TIMESHEETS and TIME SLICING.


POST TIMESHEETS used to run in a few minutes (say 10) under the old-setup, now it is typically seeming to take >1.5 hours before we see any sign of it starting to do any update to timesheets on the database to posted, it seems to then be able to trawl through the timesheets it needs to 'post' in about the usual time - so its almost as if the "start-up phase" of the POST TIMESHEETS job is where the bottleneck is?


TIME SLICING just seems unusually slow, it completes eventually though.


So at the moment the backend is dragging a bit; the backlog of stuff to do catches up overnight, but its just a little bit concerning (albeit not unexpected) that something has changed!


So I don't yet know whether to be concerned about this long-term, if (once the database has moved to the new datacentre) everything is happy, then I am happy - I am just curious if there is anyone who understands the architecture of these jobs who could say "yeah that would be expected in this situation".


So any wisdom out there?