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[GMU] migrateIn a bundle with directory format

Question asked by Nicolas Afonso Employee on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Nicolas Afonso

Dear CA APIM users,


As a new GMU user, I want to export some services from a dev to test env.

I do prefer directory format for my exports, it is easier to browse between files and I get the same folder tree than the existing one in source gateway.

For exporting I used the command : migrateOut --argFile --folderName "someService" --dest Export_bundle


Problems appeared when I tried migrateIn command. I wanted to test the bundle before importing and thus use --test parameter : migrateIn –-argFile --bundle Export_bundle --test –-results results.xml.

But I was surprised to notice that after running this command the "someService" was exposed on my target Gateway ! I was able to use the service like in my dev env, without "committing" the import (migrateIn without --test param).

The big issue I faced is when the migrateIn --test returned a conflict state for another service export... Because export was commited (and it was not supposed to!), my target gateway became unstable : I was able to connect to it via Policy Manager but impossible to do any actions. Then I try to reboot gateway and .. it was impossible, an error message telling me it was impossible to get an entity !

Two questions :

- Could you confirm me that migrateIn with --test arg is not supposed to act like I described ? I wonder if this bug is not related to the fact i used a bundle in directory format (all examples in doc used .xml simple file format) ...

- I am also wonderinf if the NewOrUpdate mapping action I set in my common property file is not responsible for the target broken Gateway. Some high-level dependecies of a service mapped with such action could provoke such a mess in a target gateway ?

Thank you for helping me