Tech Tip - CA Privileged Identity Manager: Repetitive Tasks in Audit

Discussion created by lomdi02 Employee on Oct 23, 2015

CA Privileged Identity Manager Tech Tip by Diego Lombardia, Sr Support Engineer for 10/20/2015.


If you check your PIM submitted task activity (System -> Audit -> View Submitted Tasks) you may find the below event occurring several times per day:




This events gets logged every time the Feeder Folder Polling event is triggered, so if you would like to minimize its occurrence you can go to

System -> Connection Management -> Modify Scheduling Configuration and you will find the "Feeder Folder Polling Cron Expression" entry, if you replace its default

value with the following cron expression "0 0 12 1 6 ? *" you will be configuring the job to be executed once per year on Jan 1st 12pm.

Since our scheduling engine is based on Quartz you can use the following links to create you own cron expressions to control when the cron jobs are triggered:

Quartz Scheduler | Documentation | Quartz 1.x Tutorials: crontrigger



Hope this helps!