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Service creation using request - Response pair

Question asked by ICICI_KV on Oct 26, 2015



We are creating Virtual services backend application wise.  Each backend application is having multiple type of requests - responses.

For eg.  One of the backend applicaiton gets 26 type of requests and providing response to these requests.

We have created Virtual Service using request - response pair. Around 26 different type of positive scenarios (request - response) are kept in one folder  and 26 different packets for failure scenarios are kept in another folder.  We have created two image files for success and failure and combined using option "Combine other service image"

Total 22 transactions found in upper section of transaction, some of the transactions are having  request / response, some with 2, 5 etc. in detail section (section having meta and request / response)

What is then logic behind the generation of transaction.  Is similar type of requests gets accumulated in one transaction ? (This is not the case I noticed)


Also it is very difficult to find the configured request.  Is there any search option available ?