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What went wrong with status reports

Question asked by urmas on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by urmas

I have this v13.3 test environment on a VM initially installed fresh as

I was trying to create a project Status report for test purposes so clicking new gives me this

There is no browse for the project manager and it is not editable either.

To get past that hurdle to an actual status report I tried to put a default for the project manager and populate the blanks with it.

That did not work either because


column 'cop_project_manager' does not exist in table 'ODF_CA_COP_PRJ_STATUSRPT'.

(No wonder)

When looking at another v13.3 at the database

column 'cop_project_manager' does not exist in table 'ODF_CA_COP_PRJ_STATUSRPT'. either.

secondly the Create status report page looks like this (though the actual screenshot is from 14.2)

So what could have gone wrong and when to give me such a non usable status report in the test system?