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Question asked by I-hsinWang81981782 on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by I-hsinWang81981782

Hi All,


We are currently running an issue. And CA Support suggests us to upgrade to patch 6 ( with the new connector, because the issue does not occur in that version of the connector.


Then we came out with more questions based on her suggestion, and below is her reply:


2. How many versions of connectors out there? I know there are two: New Connector and Legacy, but do they also have different versions? If they do, can you provide the version numbers?

There are only two version of the connector, the Legacy and the New Connector. You should use the version of the connector that is the same as your Clarity version. For example, if you are on you would use either the version of either the New or Legacy Connector. If you are on, you would use the version of the New or Legacy Connector. For every Clarity version, there is a set of Legacy and New connector with that same version.

3.    This question is just to clarify #2. If I have the New Connector installation package which I downloaded in PPM, can I use the same package after we upgrade our application to Patch 6?

If you want the new New Connector, you would need to re-download it from the Clarity after you have applied Patch 6 to your Clarity application.

4.    When CA Support said this issue doesn't happen with that version of the Driver, does that mean we only need to use the patch 6's New Connector? Or we do have to upgrade our application to Patch 6, and then using New Connector?

You cannot use a version of the connector that does not match your version of Clarity. This is not supported. Any issues that you would run into if you did do this, the first thing Support would ask you to do is to install the version of the connector that matches your Clarity version to see if the issue also occurs then, before we did any further troubleshooting.

So yes, you do have to upgrade Clarity to Patch 6 first and then download the New Connector from Clarity again after Patch 6 has been applied.


Do the answers make sense to you guys? Does that mean whenever we upgrade the application no matter it's a major upgrade or just patching, we will have to uninstall the connector and reinstall the new one which is match to the application version?

I really hope it's just a misunderstanding, because if that's the case, it would be a problem for CA, and also to the customers.


How do you guys handle this?