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Regarding Manual Action Item in Process Definition

Question asked by Subba_Reddy1 on Nov 18, 2015
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We are using load balance application URL with SSO (Have 12 servers in load balance which have only app and beacon services), apart from these 12 we are using 3 more servers, Among 3, two servers have  BG, XOG, Beacon services on each server(Let say server names is XXXX and YYYY).Another one for NSA/CSA server(which have NSA,beacon services Let say server name is ZZZZ)


When we use Manual action item, in process definition it is sending action items to users which have specific server URL instead of load balance URL.


for example:





When users click on this notification item, users are getting login page.


But user don't have any username/password because we are using load balance URL with SSO.


Could you please suggest how can we override manual action item with load balance url instead of specific server url. Thanks.