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Processes are started even the start conditions is not met

Question asked by msnizek on Nov 19, 2015
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we have got a problem with three custom processes. The problem is that they start with one another even the start condition is not met.

Start condtition of processes are following:

Process 1: ( Project Finish != Project Finish [Previous Value] )

Process 2: ( Project Start != Project Start [Previous Value] )

Process 3: ( Project Budgeted Cost != Project Budgeted Cost [Previous Value] )


All these attributes are standard, not custom.


All these three processes has got just one custom step with one action which is custom script (all scripts are attached) and the scripts does not change or even touch any of attributes from start conditions.


We restarted the app and bg services but it did not help. We also tried to create a new process with similar start condition as Process 2 above has and it has got same behavior.


Any suggestions how to solve it or what can cause this problem?


Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Martin Snizek