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OS Description field in UIM

Question asked by simonadamsage on Nov 22, 2015
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quick question with Infrastucture Manager there is an OS Description field, does anyone know if this dynamically updates and if so how often? or is there something i manually have to do to get it to update, we have multiple RHEL Server we monitor, and have never noticed it before on windows server's as am guessing because the information entered into this field is likely to change very infrequently on a Windows device, but clearly i would expect that when there is a kernel update on a RHEL server i would expect this to change i can of course understand that i may need to restart the nimbus process, but have tried all this and all my servers are still showing the Kernel version they had at install. am i just being daft and missing something so obvious im overlooking it or has anyone else seen it behave like this also? have also noticed that UMP is exhibiting similar behaviour, in that servers that have been windows servers which have been replace by RHEL servers are not updating even though they are in dynamic groups