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CA UIM integrate with LDAP issue

Question asked by pencilon on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by pencilon

CA UIM integrate with LDAP issue:

When I integrate with LDAP , I have some issue. Please help me to confirm it.

1. I had created below items.

    Two OU:CA-IT and CA-OP.

    Two users: peterpeng1 and peterpeng2

    Two Groups: CA-Admin and CA-OP

2. But the user: peterpeng1 is the member of CA-IT

3.I had test LDAP by user:peterpeng1.It works normally. And I import two group: CA-Admin and CA-OP

4.When I tried to login on UMP by user: peterpeng1. It login failure.

5.When I tried to join the peterpeng1 ot CA-Admin and loing again.It works.  Why ?

According to LDAP concept. When I pass the authentication and I try to login by some account. It will confirm the account. It the account is on my AD. It should login.Event the account doesn't belong to any "Group". It just belong to any OU and it will login.

My user had tried the CIsoc UCS and it's ok. But our UIM doesn't work.