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Location of SSL certificates (keystore.jks, truststore.jks etc.)

Question asked by jonrv on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by MarcyNunns

We have our SSL certification files stored in the Projects/Certs directory on the <devtest install> path we have called /opt/lisa/CA/DevTestvvv (where vvv is the version of DevTest installed) - so the path is currently /opt/lisa/CA/DevTest803/Projects/Certificates/keystores. This necessitates that we would have to copy the existing files when a new version of the software was installed.


Is it necessary to have them within the install path or can they be located above/outside it in a new directory at, say, /opt/lisa/CA/ ? Would there be any issues if the Projects directory and subordinates were relocated to this higher location so long as we specified the correct location in the file?