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How to trigger the alarm for No change in size of a file using DIRSCAN probe

Question asked by apatlolla1024 on Nov 30, 2015

I am trying to work using the DIRSCAN probe.

I am looking into a directory with log files matching a particular pattern in their name. See below:



Now, I create an alarm message with the following configuration using  USED DELTA SPACE attribute as follows:

I have used a condition that the change in the size of the individual files matching the specified pattern in the directory should be > 0 bytes over each cycle

It means that if the change in the size is NOT GREATER THAN ZERO then TRIGGER an ALARM.


I have also checked the box for the all the QOS messages for the profile.


But, I am unable to trigger the alarm.


Could anyone suggest me where I am going wrong. Any help will be appreciated.