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How to restrict Agent to go to VSE or App server when client calls the App server for EJB call

Question asked by Surya143 on Dec 2, 2015



Can you anyone suggest to how to achieve my below task,


I am working on EJB service virtualization,  I virtualized one stateless method in EJB, and deployed in to the server.

The virtualized EJB method responding back with virtualized response, but the problem I am facing here is,

when I call any other methods which is not virtualized/ not in my scope of virtualization I am getting error saying No VSE matched exception.


My expectation is, when I do the transaction from my client to app server,

Only the methods which i virtualized should go to VSE and get virtualized response, All other methods should go to App server and get real response.


I believe there should be some control in rules.xml that we can tell agent to explicitly for only perticular methods go to VSE, and all remaining go to App server when client communicates to the server.


Can any one help me this out