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Modify Users Application Groups in EEM using SAFEX

Question asked by GregBunce on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by walxarus

We are using EEM with PAM and SDM. I have set up the 'Groups' from SDM in EEM (since they are not part of Active Directory) and added the users manually so that they can interact with tasks assigned to their group by PAM processes.

Now, I find that when the group members change, it has to be updated in SDM as well as EEM's Process Automation groups.


What I would like to do is automate this using safex. I have figured out how to modify a user record using the below XML, but it does not add the user to the specified 'Application Group'


<Attach label="Process Automation"/>


<User folder="/Users" name="UserName">






Is there a specific name (like <ApplicationGroup>) that I need to use instead of <GroupMembership> ?