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Difference between metrics under Business Segment and under CEM agent

Question asked by CarlosAmorim75811012 on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by KulbirNijjer
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Hi folks,


I have some applications being monitored and today I realized there were some differences on something that should be the same. I was comparing the metric Average Response Time for one Business Transaction and I realized the values for Average Response Time that appears under Business Segment for one agent was similar but not equal to Average Response Time for the same Business transaction but under the TESS Agent and then I have compared both with Average Response Time that is under by Business Service on the Triage Map tab and both show differences compared to the Triage Map metric. I got really confused with this information. So, what is the reason to have these differences for the information that should be the same? Somebody can help me to understand why these differences! (I included bellow some images showing the differences)


Metric under TESS Agent

Metric under Business Segment for an Agent

Metric under Triage Map (by Business Service)


Thank you.