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Updating Alarm Content Using RESTful Web Services

Question asked by RJames on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by RJames

I have a requirement to setup bidirectional integration between a UIM deployment and service desk. Opening and updating calls on the Service Desk is okay and I can use the RESTful web service to close an alarm on the NAS when it has been marked as resolved on the service desk. What I cannot figure out is how to use RESTful services to update the alarm with the ticket number from the service desk.


The preferred way would be for the integration 'hub' (which is using CA ITPAM) to send a POST message to the RESTful service with the ticket number. The service desk will know the ID for the alarm. Can this be done using the nav probe using a callback? Does anyone have an example of a URL/XML payload that say updates a custom field to hold the ticket ID.