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how to raise just a single ticket in SDM from 1 request with 10 products are added to Catalog cart (CA Catalog)?

Question asked by AbhishekTechM on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by IainLambert

Hi All,


I am using IT Service Management 14.1. (SDM, Catalog, IT PAM and USS)

I want to raise single ticket in SDM from 1 request with 10 different products instead of 10 tickets for each products when the products are added to Catalog cart.


Example :

1. Users can add any products from thousands of service/products list into cart (dynamic selection means rate plan will not work)

2. User raised a cart with 10 different products/ services (desktop, laptop, mouse, network, software and application related)

3. After submitting the cart, as CA Catalog is built on different platform and take each row/products/services and raised PAM process for each of them.


Question1: How we can restrict CA Catalog to trigger single PAM process on cart level?


4. From out of 10 products 5 are related to Hardware group, 3 are related to network group and 2 are related to application group in SDM

5. Now after approval done through PAM workflow, SDM requests are created for each products (10 SDM requests are created) rather than creating only three requests i.e. based on SDM group

          a. First ticket based on hardware group (5 products)

          b. second based on network (3 products)

          c. third based on application (2 products)


Question 2: How we can restrict PAM to raised tickets on SDM group basis?


As above requirement really helpful for IT Service Management to reduce number of tickets in SDM and also for increasing performance.


Please suggest me your idea for how to achieve this.


Thanks in advance,

Abhishek Kaushal