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XOG .NET interface retrieve the XOGOutput

Question asked by eVBI on Dec 15, 2015
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I'v created a .NET interface using webservice with PPM 14.3. It works fine but I would like to handle issues.

Currently I do not get the XOGOutput tag back in fact nothing at all which is very difficult to handle possible errors.


Created a .NET project add the webreference.

It works transactions are xogged, but no result is returned:


.NET Code



            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();




            XOGALL.Auth objAuth = new XOGALL.Auth();

            XOGALL.Login loginXOG = new XOGALL.Login();

            loginXOG.TenantID = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SoapMethod"];

            loginXOG.Username = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SoapUserId"];

            loginXOG.Password = ph.Decrypt(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SoapPassword"].ToString()).ToString();

            XOGALL.AllObjectsPortClient tranReq = new XOGALL.AllObjectsPortClient();




                objAuth.Username = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SoapUserId"];

                objAuth.Password = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SoapPassword"];


                if (sessionid == "")


                    sessionid = tranReq.Login(loginXOG);

                    objAuth.SessionID = sessionid;




               XmlElement XOGOutput;

                XOGOutput = tranReq.WriteTransaction(objAuth, doc.DocumentElement);

              -- The XOGOutput is always null !!!! ;-(






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