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get list of registry entries from Dashboard, service catalog, help

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Dec 17, 2015

Using DT 8.5 (have 9, just no functional value for this)


I have a tst that connects to the registry (from workstation) and gets the list of VSEs, and services on the VSEs and inspects them to make a spreadsheet list


works great..  now I want to move up a layer and do this for all the registrys on our dashboard.


in the SDK I don't find a method to get the dashboard or get the registrys on a dashboard

I hoped that I could use the current Workstation's registry, and its Dashboard link to walk the tree upward, but I don't see any method for getting the dashboard link,( I see I can get it from the global properties, dashboard_url)

but can't do anything with it as far as I can tell.