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Parameterized lookup causing issue when audited

Question asked by Sandeep_p on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Sriraj.silla

Hi Team,


1) 'Param' is custom field in Project object.

2) Custom object 'A' is child object of Project object and Virtual attribute 'Param' is added into custom object 'A'.

3) There is custom attribute 'ABC Target' in object A, which is parameterized lookup and the parameter 'Param' passed to this field.


We are populating some data into instances of object A using process.

If the field "ABC Target" is Audited, the instance of A never populates the data after process is completed and the log of process shows error "com.niku.union.odf.exception.ODFException: com.niku.union.service.ServiceException: Unable to update instance 5058001 for object A".

and if the field "ABS Target" is removed from audited attributes, instance of object A populates the data from same process without above error.


I have tried re-xogging the lookup of attribute "ABS Target", but that never helped.


Has anyone observed this error before? Any solution/Workaround for this option?