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User Provisioning on Unix/Linux Endpoints

Question asked by rajoli on Dec 21, 2015
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We are using CA IdentityMinder R12.6 SP3 in our environment.


Currently as per the account creation process, we create the group first with group name as user name on Linux NFS server manually using Provisioning Manager client and will note down the GID value. We then create the user on this NFS server with UID same as GID value. Finally, any account on other Linux/Unix endpoints will be created using same UID and GID values that are being set on the Linux NFS server.


I went through the account templates, but can’t think of how group creation, user creation & assignment of created group as member of for this user can be completed using single account template on NFS server and how the UID/GID values set on NFS server can be used in another template for creating users on other Linux/Unix endpoints?


Please provide some inputs.