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CA PPM - Advance Reporting - Jasper Report not displayed

Question asked by Balajim on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by John_George

Currently we are implementing Advance reporting. We have installed and Jaspersoft, DWH and works fine locally.

We have the problem of “Page not found” when advance reporting is been invoked from CA PPM.

Below are our setups

  • We have multiple application server each application server has 2 app service
  • multiple application server is load balanced using F5 load balancer
  • Common URL is which is hits the load balancer and channelized based on the load
  • Sticky session is enabled for load balancer
  • 2 CA PPM service in each server is load balanced using  Apache2.0 ModJK [using Apache2.0 due to single sign support]. Sticky session is also enabled over here.
  • Jaspersoft reporting server is installed in separate server

Below is the page is displayed when we invoke the Advance reporting



Also the port on which the Jaspersoft running is not exposed through the Common URL[Used using the load balanced], but can be assessed internally using machine name and port [eg: http://ReportServer:9081/Report].


We also tested the Advance reporting using standalone CA PPM Service and and it works fine.


Appreciate if someone can help on this to resolve the Advance reporting.