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Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Dec 22, 2015

Thank you to the community members who have jumped in to help out their fellow community members this weeks' helpinghands!


We have quite a few remaining questions without a response. Check out the below and if you think you have a suggestion that could help, jump in with a reply!


Can anyone in an organisational change manager role implementing Clarity offer any knowledge sharing? any thoughts here for julial?

Anyone using NPD Accelerator / Gate Scoring? anyone using these who could share with L.Elias?

Is it possible to restrict the execution of "Populate from Investment team" if any validation like resources is not billable or active or financially not active?  any quick answers for AbhashK?

Moving documents  ideas here for fabio_cresta?

How can I exclude parent projects in an ad hoc view in 14.2 Advanced Reporting (JasperSoft)?  input for MarkCasey77140488?

XOG .NET interface retrieve the XOGOutput quick answer here for eVBI?

OBS rights exist while the object is not associated with an OBS  and Is there and OBS equivalent for Project - Edit Hierarchy All  urmasnng looking for some input on these two.

Jaspersoft report size quick answer here for vanfr04?

Load Data Warehouse Access Rights - Job Failed experience to share with EricSittinger81980626?

Load Data Warehouse Issues similar to above for Metier?

Saving MSP configuration? MSP experts out there to offer help to Allison.nichols?

[Q] How does Average Allocation % get populated for a Role  something someone can share with furrelkt?

How Clarity Calculates Costs? might be a quick answer here for JonathanDeane76040996

Save Jaspersoft Scheduled Reports to SFTP server ideas here for JaneUnsworth?

Parameterized lookup causing issue when audited thoughts here for Sandeep_p?

On demand portable gel scripts anyone have an answer for Arnab.Roy?

Best Practices for Multi-Currency Implementation  anything anyone can share with jsnorris?


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