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Gateway Version 8.4 - Performance Issue

Question asked by AtulRaut on Dec 22, 2015
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I had created a discussion thread yesterday where I had reported a performance issue on the OAuth2.0 Resource Owner grant type to generate Access Token. I observed this performance issue even on a simple service with just one assertion "Send a template response". Hence I deleted my yesterday discussion thread.


So this is what I have observed. I tried this test on version 8.4 (two separate tests on two instances) and also on version 8.3. Results on version 8.3 were very good. However, version 8.4 gave performance issue on two separate installation.


Is it possible for someone to do this basic load test if you have version 8.4 installed? I just wanted to confirm if it is some bug in version 8.4 or if something is wrong with my setup.


Policy -

Only one assertion - "Send a template response" with plain response of "It Works !!!"

Screenshot attached.


Load Test against Gateway Version 8.3 –

Avg Response - 3.45ms

Screenshot attached.


Load Test against Gateway Version 8.4 –

Avg Response - 487.65ms

Screenshot attached.


Thanks for your time.