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Unable to load vsi in devtest portal

Question asked by FredrikCronholm77140603 on Dec 30, 2015
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I have a strange problem with a vsm/vsi (9.0). When I try to load the vsi in devtest portal I get a crasch, also I get no match found when I execute tests against it (all this used to work..)

When I compare the vsi in workstation I notice that this VSI has two green "chains" next to it... One thing I remember doing some time back was that I played with the new datadriven feature, but never completed that configuration.


Could the two chains mean that there is a datadriven feature in place that is uses to find matches, and since I never completed the configuration it is now broken?'

If this is actually what the green chains means is there a way to undo/remove that so my service works again? I have tried to replace the vsm and vsi with old backups, but the info doesn't seem to be stored in those files.


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