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PMO Accelerator Logic & Metrics in the PPM Datamart & Ad-Hoc Domains

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by Robert Ensinger

Hi folks. I'm curious on other's architecture plans for reproducing the results of logic and metrics we've grown accustom to relying upon in the views and functions in the CA PPM transactional database.


   I’m working on migrating our reports to the new CA PPM datamart and readying the datamart with the data we rely upon for a future roll out of Jasper’s Ad Hoc Reporting.


   We’ve ‘standardized’ on many of the logical constructs found in the PMO Accelerator. For example, let’s look at the Open Issues Indicator:

Open Issues exist, at least one high Issue is late: 1 (red)

Open Issues exist, at least one is late but none of the late are high: 2 (yellow)

Open Issues exist, but none are late: 3 (green)

          No open Issues exist: 0 (white)


   The PMO Accelerator leverages database views and logic constructs in queries that we extract into a custom datamart today for portlet & report performance reasons. The logic above feeds an ‘Open Issues Indicator’ that everyone understands and is available in our BO Universes and presents itself on many of our portlets and reports. Easy to see, easy to use, easy on the database (doing the logic real time is expensive and kills portfolio level portlets & reports).


We want to deprecate our datamart and BO tools and transition all of this to the new Datamart and Jaspersoft tools. I’d like to stay as ‘in the box’ as possible. I *wanted* to use the new Aggregated Calculated Attribute for an ‘Open Issues Indicator’ attribute that easily check boxes its way into the datamart; instantly available in Object based data providers, in Ad Hoc domains and in the datamart for Jasper Studio reports. Unfortunately (as best as I can tell) the logic is beyond the ACA’s capability.


This is my first challenge – there will be more.


Are others using PMO Accelerator or Custom Logic/Metrics in your transactional database reports today? How do you plan to replicate this in Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc and Studio reports? Surely we won’t want to be reproducing the logic/metric from scratch in every report. Will we (can we? should we?) be building custom views and functions in the Datamart? If not - what are the alternatives?