Tech Tip:  When constructing a WHERE clause in FDM, do NOT use Carriage Returns for readability. 

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Jan 5, 2016

While constructing a WHERE clause in FDM, you must remove all CR/LF before saving the file for execution.  If you leave them in, you will receive an error like this:


Error Parsing Data

Un-terminated quoted field at end of CSV line

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

at com.grid_tools.products.datamasker.CSVParser1.doParse(

at com.grid_tools.products.datamasker.CSVParser1.csvParse(

at com.grid_tools.products.datamasker.Datamasker.main(\


To correct the above error, simply remove the carriage return line feeds from the WHERE clause to place all of the contents on one line such as the following:


city_code in ('909444','959222','944999','123456','777777','888888','001122','242424') and zip_code in ('924','786','590','056','406','212','010','161','998')


instead of


city_code in ('909444',







'242424') and zip_code in ('924','786','590','056','406','212','010','161','998')