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How to convert to Date format in Gel script

Question asked by JayaSantoshKumar on Jan 7, 2016
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Hello Everyone, I'm reading a file which has dates is dd/mm/yyyy Format now I'm trying it to convert them to  yyyy-mm-dd Format
I'm new to Gel and couldn't track my code where it is going wrong .

I'm able to read from file and Write to File , but unable to convert to yyyy-mm-dd Format
Could you please help me out


Here is my Code







<core:new className="java.util.Date" var="date"/>


<!-- Reading File from Provided Path -->

<gel:parameter default="D:\Gel Script Docs\JS Custom Scripts\Dates Task\dates.txt" var="infile"/>

<file:readFile fileName="${infile}" var="infileParsed" embedded="false"/>           



<!-- Writing to File in yyyy-mm--dd Format -->




        fileName="D:\Gel Script Docs\JS Custom Scripts\ReadWriteResult.txt">


          <core:forEach items="${infileParsed.rows}" var="row" indexVar="i" begin="0" step="1">



            <gel:formatDate format="yyyy-MM-dd" stringVar="mydate" dateVar="row[0]"/>

                                <file:column value="${mydate[0]}" />





<!-- Writing to File is closed here -->


<!-- FORMAT DATE -->

<gel:formatDate format="yyyy-MM-dd" stringVar="today" dateVar="date"/>

<gel:out> <gel:formatDate format="yyyy-MM-dd"  dateVar="date"/></gel:out>


today Date== ${today}






Error in Command Prompt is : Non-Date variable used as Date.