Can you do Perl nimNamedRequest calls from a probe GUI?

Discussion created by gwiesenekker on Jan 10, 2016



I am working on a Perl probe 'GUI'. I can login to Nimbus using nimChangeLogin with the SID that is passed as the -s argument to the GUI when launched from Infrastructure Manager. Subsequent nimNamedRequest calls (to get the probe configuration file for example) fail however. They work if you nimLogin to Nimbus from the GUI with a username/password, but the GUI should of course use the SID to avoid having to re-logon. After some trial and error I found out that nimRequest calls instead of nimNamedRequest calls work, but the documentation of nimRequest says 'Note that this function will not traverse Hub Tunnels, since it attempts a direct connection to the given ip/port, so a firewalled environment will cause difficulties.'

Can you do nimNamedRequest calls from a probe GUI?