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Good approach for CA SDM on MSSP

Question asked by Ellery on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by TMACUL

Hello Everyone!


Back again to try to find, in your opinion, a good approach for CA SDM running on MSSP a Managed Service Provider?


The idea is:

  • One comapny that offer CA SDM for other companies to request/manage their needs;
  • Those other multiple companies with their users who can open requests (incident/SR/etc), see their ICs (only their);
  • Agents who receives requests for all companies;
  • Multiple service packages/contracts sometimes unique for one comapny and another times the same for another group of companies;
  • Etc


Is multi-tenant the solution or my idea is wrong there are another approachs?


Want to ask for more infor before giving your opinion? please!