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Process step post-condition stuck - Ready to evaluate post condition status, even after action item had finished

Question asked by AntonioMatheuATinoco62351557 on Jan 17, 2016
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CA PPM on demand version:


We have a process that is "stuck" in a manual action step.

The status is "Ready to evaluate post-condition", but the approver who received the action item had already approved.


Process stuck.jpg


On the process step details page, we can see that the action item has status "Done", but in the General tab the attribute "Finish Date" is blank.


Process stuck - Action item.jpg


It seems that this process is "stuck".


I have checked the post condition step in the process definition, and if just one approver approves, the post-condition should had been attended.


This problem does not occur in other processes.


What can I do is this situation?



Thank you.