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How to Validate multiple Assertion in REST step?

Question asked by MohammedShahid on Jan 20, 2016

I am using LISA Dev test 8.0.2 for Automation. My project uses Restful webservices. I want to validate positive and negative scenario in a single rest step. For Positive scenario,iam validating response  message like  <success>Customer updated successfully</success> and in negative scenario iam getting different response like   <message> com.built Exception</message>. i have  used Dataset with 100 of rows (positive and negative) and  used 2 Assertions to validate Pass or Fail 1) Ensure property matches Expression(for positive scenario-matching success message tag  with Expected Result from Data sheet(input sheet)) and another Assertion of same type for Negative scenario. But while execution(Iteration mode) , it is getting failed .Please  help us on how to handle this.

I don't want to have different script for Positive  and Negative scenario. Everything needs to be handle in single REST step.