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Use UFT/QTP to execute GUI tests from DevTest

Question asked by FredrikCronholm77140603 on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by MarcyNunns


We're starting up a our first DevTest project, where we consider to integrate HP QC, DevTest and possibly UFT.

I noticed that with some effort we could possibly get QC to keep information of all tests (manual, DevTest, UFT) and kickoff those tests from Jenkins using a QC plugin. Testcases will be maintained in QC and all test results saved there.

A good solution? Any ideas?


I can ofcourse also get Jenkins to start DevTests, and possibly DevTest to start UFT? Any experience?


Making Jenkins call the test drivers (DevTest, UFT) directly will most likely give me a accumulated Jenkins report(guessing), but without any real connection to QC the testcases will most likely soon have no connection to the tests actually performed (they will diverge..)



Any other ideas? Skip any tools? We're open for various suggestions....