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Logmon regex with watcher

Question asked by rith on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by rith

I'm trying to capture GET_THIS_MATCH (the text could differ) in a log-file.


So what I want my regex to do, is to capture anyting behind the word "submitted" until the next "/".


The logfile:

Library QBRM added to library list.

Job 000000/USER/GET_THIS_MATCH submitted to job queue QSYSNOMAX in library QSYS.


I have this one now: (?<=\/)(\S+)\ssubmitted

But that get's me all the way to the first "/"... this is in a regex-tester though, but doesn't work in Logmon when I test the profile. Why?



I also need watcher that looks if there isn't anything in the log with ".../GET_THIS_MATCH submitted.....". And I need those to have the same suppression

Would really appreciate some help here