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Re-Cycle of CV's

Discussion created by Sushil Joseph on Jan 30, 2016
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I would like to share about the Re-Cycle of CV's, We had facing the issue the couple of week ago, one of the DB Backup job failed in the VARY area offline step, the real cause of the problem when this DB Backup runs and there is another DB job it is updating the same areas. Then, DB Backup job failed with error, pending area offline. This is impact in the testing region was unable to continue the project testing in SIT Phase. When are they trying to use CICS online screen to their application and access database in the update mode and it was throwing an IDMS error code 0966 "Readied area was unavailable".


I was trying to fix the abended DB Backup job and asked Ops to restart the job from Top. But still failing in the same VARY area offline step. Then later we decided to submitted the event to Re-Cycle of CV and after completion of this event this problem was fixed.


All the areas back to normal state in update mode. Finally project testing team able to continue their testing region and delivered the work.


This was one of my challenging task which I have learned and I just want to share the purpose of re-cycle of CV's.


Please post your comments\thought\suggestions are welcome.


Thank you for your time.




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