NEW ITSM Blog: Moving IT Service Management to the 21st century

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Feb 2, 2016


Ethnographic research paints a sad picture of the current state of the ITSM market. CA’s vision is to build a solution designed for humans, not processes.


In the last 15 years we’ve seen the explosion of the global Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices and the subsequent emergence of the app economy. Everything has changed. Except ITSM. Today’s business user simply has to fill out a help desk ticket to re-live the technologies of the late 80s.

The ITSM experience doesn’t reflect the technology experience today’s users are accustomed to, so IT is perceived as doing things the old-fashioned way. For an industry that claims its purpose is to uniquely transform services, the technology seems hopelessly static.

Think of today’s GPS systems as an example: Providers don’t simply digitize a paper map and put it on a screen. They add significantly more value by detecting your current location, helping to find the most direct, traffic-free route to your destination and then talking you through the process of getting there. The technology has an innate human focus.

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