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Audit log contact / special Handling

Question asked by ashutosh2015 on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by jmayer

We have a requirement to audit Special Handling related updates as in who added which contact record to a given special handling and/or vice versa i.e., which special handling has been updated for a given contact and by whom.


How do we go about achieving this?


I came across the following tech doc which states that audit_upd option does audit the cnt and group -


Auditing monitors the following Service Desk objects:

  • Data Partitions (dmn and dcon objects)

  • Issues (iss object)

  • Change Orders (chg object)

  • Requests/Incidents/Problems (cr object)

  • Contacts and Groups (cnt object)

  • Configuration Items (nr object)


I am inquisitive to learn more about it, since I installed the audit_upd option and any changes / updates made to contact record does not show up in the audit log trail. Can someone guide me on how to accomplish our requirement?