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Using Dual List object

Question asked by eduardo.lagrave on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Jason_Wolfe

Hi guys
I use a DualList object to let the users picking ítems from a SWs list previously created in SDM. Then was created a DataObject (/Administration/Report builder/Data Object), defined fields and conditions, etc. This object was created with ID ‘fada75301ce114b9ce40b152ae05ffe3-750c1454937775614’

Ok. By Catalog forms side i’m using a DualList object and configure “ReportId” linked to ‘fada75301ce114b9ce40b152ae05ffe3-750c1454937775614’, but the issue is that the object don’t shows results.

Could you provide me a documentation o guidance about how to configure DualList objects?
Best regards