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Query original budget

Question asked by BradGibson on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by pjromano

Can someone help? I need sum of original approved budgets for all projects in a program

I can figure out how to get the sum of budgets... but the business wants the sum of the first approved budget for a project.


Here's what I'm using to get the current approved budget for one project


       --original approved budget:

(select Sum(fpd.total_cost) from fin_plans fp, fin_cost_plan_details fpd where and fp.plan_type_code='BUDGET' and

and fp.revision=(select min(fp1.revision) from fin_plans fp1, fin_cost_plan_details fpd1 where and fp1.plan_type_code='BUDGET' and fp1.status_code='APPROVED' and ) originalbudget


I need to do that for a collection of projects...