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Need Advise on load balance/Webengine

Question asked by La-Qa on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by La-Qa

Hello Team


we have 2 webengines for our production servicedesk since 1 year. SDM was working fine since with perfect load balancing but few days back we were experiencing domsession error by every day or 2 day. THose 2 webengines were working on same domsrvr since the engine added but now we add another domsrvr and assign it with one of the webengines to avoid donmsession error. So now we have webenignes with separate domesrvr for both.


But now what experiencing is that load is not balancing automatically , all users load is going on one webengine. Like previously, it was auto balancing perfectly but not now. Why is this causing?


however, if the user changes pdmweb.exe to pdmweb2.exe in url then it logins to another webengine


for example.



we can access sdm from both webengines, but it should change the engine according to load on engine like previously it was changing automatically to balance the load.


Please suggest. also see the snapshots that everything looking fine