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Set all days in a calendar as non-working days?

Question asked by Genentech_Srini on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Genentech_Srini

The problem I am trying to solve is, though my company has 80K active resources, we only need availability timeslice info for about 2K. The rest are brought in through LDAP sync because we need their names for various lookup fields.


However, since Clarity doesn't have an easy way to set resource as not-working or not available (you can't set available hours to zero), I wanted to create a calendar with EVERY DAY AS NON-WORKING DAY and associate most resources with that. We can then change the calendar association for resources who are included in our department.


To do this, I don't see an automated way since (a) there is no calendar xog and (b) calendar data is stored as a CLOB field. Can anyone think of a quick and easy way to set this up?