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CA Service Desk 14.1 Popup Window

Question asked by cdukes001 on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Jon_Israel

CA service Desk popups occurs midway between two screens.  Has anyone seen this behavior with 14.1?  Is there a setting change that we need to make to avoid this behavior?

Ticket from Desktop Tech:

This seems to be a html programming "issue".
This is does not occur for other smaller pop ups for CA or other websites.


This will only happen when the CA popup windows is the
default size (looks like a width of 1000 pixel across?). If you resize it to a
smaller windows Frame, it will close with the same size if you choose to
preserve windows size. (CA Service Desk Manager > View tab > Preferences >
Preserve Windows Size)


Workaround is (CA Service Desk Manager > View tab >
Preferences > Avoid Popups) Another Workaround is to have the Preserve
Windows Size option enabled and then resize the windows to a smaller size. This
will work for the duration of CA Service Desk Manager while it is opened. Once
you close out of IE, the windows size will go back to the default, causing the
"issue" again.