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Using Hipaa with TDM & TCO

Question asked by LinoHerrera on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by dovle01

Hi, everyone.

Recently we were discussing with a Hippa customer about CA TDM and TCO integration.

Below are some of the questions that came up at this meeting. Could anybody help us to get some orientation about this topic, please?


1. Is there support for:

  -Hipaa x12

  -837 format, claims data

  -834 enrollment data

2. Are there success histories using Facets by Trizetto (hosted in SYBASE)?

3. They have a specific use case for subsetting:

  -The core DB needs to be subsetted

  -Some input files (837, 834) will have data which must be in the sub-setted system

4. Can we confirm that the idea of using the 837,834 files as inputs to create the subset is currently possible?

5. Is there any customer with experience in Masking the facets DB, 837, 834

6. Does TCO support for BDD tools such as Cucumber and Specflow?

7. Are there examples of TCO support for UFT migrating to Selenium?


Thanks in advance.