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CA Clarity 14.2 - Corrupted User (Resource) issue

Question asked by BenHarper on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by urmas

Hey guys,


Got a tricky one. We have a "modified" instance of clarity running 14.2 (unrelated..... I promise).

Have a single user that cannot load into an object. Specifically our 'services' object. No one else has the issue.

User has all proper rights, and was able to access recently. User has a LOT of instance access rights (10k lines)


When the user clicks on the services object, clarity will show its thinking icon at the top right for about 2 minutes and then it will just log him out. ( See edit below)


I cannot recreate this issue in a lower environment. There are no obvious log entries to suggest an extreme issue with this user in particular.


So if I recreate this user via XOG with a different userid (add a 1 to the unique id), this user with all the same rights has no issues accessing this object.


This makes me believe that this original user record itself is busted/corrupted in some way. So ideally, I would like to Delete the corrupted user entry and re-create it via xog.

Obviously no delete button on that resources page so... may have to take drastic measures. Such as forcibly removing bits of the user (hopefully broken bits) via SQL and Xogging back in..


Other steps I have tried:


Xogging user out, and back in

Flushing security caches

I can recreate on my machine in PROD with user credentials so it is not a local cache issue.


Any ideas? Comments? Snide remarks? Seen it before?






Edit: Okay I have found that if I log in with this user what actually happens when you click on the services link is it takes 5 minutes, actually loads. It did not log the user out.