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Create a portlet composed of a "New" button

Question asked by ClareLeonard76040337 on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by ClareLeonard76040337

I would like to create a portlet that simply allows a user to create a new instance of a custom object, similar to pma.ideaPortlet .

I want to do this because I've created grid portlets for my custom object, and would prefer that users access the object via these portlets rather than the default list view.  Because of this, I'd like users to be able to add new instances from that same portlet page rather than having to jump between pages.  I originally thought that I might be able to add an action to my (object-based) grid portlets, but looking at this thread: Custom Object Grid Portlet - How to display action buttons ?
it seems that is not possible.  So I figured I could just add a "new" portlet at the top of the page. 


Does anyone know how to do that?