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which are the best practices to configure correctly MS Exchange 2010?

Question asked by ijreis on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Chi_Chen

Hello all,


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We are deploying a new env of CA SDM 14.1 on a Customer, that will have the possibility to open or update tickets via email.

Although, we are facing some "issues" on this feature, and we are not sure if the problem source is just from MS Exchange side:


Some issues faced so far:

     - Pictures on emails not embebed, just attached ;

     - New tickets show the same information on Summary and Description (Email subject )

     - %STATUS=OP or %REQUEST_ID=... are ignored, and a new ticket is created instead of an existant one be updated (checked on textapi and the commands exists there)


Once we are not sure from which side this issues can be, we would like to know the "best practices" to configure a SERVICEDESK@.... account !


All the information will be welcomed!


Thanks a lot,