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Advanced Reporting not available

Question asked by vivek.gupta4 on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

We upgraded CA Clarity PPM from 13.3 to 14.3. Followed all instructions for DWH as well as Jaspersoft installation. In NSA, it shows "Available" in Reporting as well as DWH tabs. The DB Link from DWH to Clarity is also working fine.

We installed PMO accelerator and Jasper PMO add in. We have set language and Entity for Fiscal periods, executed Time Slicing, Load Data warehouse, Load Data Warehouse Access Rights job. They executed for good 10-15 minutes each and resulted in success. We can see data in DWH tables as well as Jasper tables. Direct URL of jasper reports service works fine, we can login using superuser user.


We added access rights Advanced Reporting - * to a few user IDs. However, we are unable to see "Advanced Reporting" link under Home. The Create and Update Jasper users job executed successfully, but said "Synced 0 out of 3097 users".


Can someone please help us in finding out the issue.