CA Directory 12.0.18 release announcement

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New Features


Support for DEB

CA Directory now supports installation using Debian packages.


Support for RPM

CA Directory now supports installation using RPM packages.


Log Rollover Based on Maximum Lines

It is now possible to set a maximum lines threshold for each log type that when reached causes the logs to roll over.

Additionally a new command has been added “roll-logs” that causes all logs configured with a maximum lines threshold to rollover immediately.


Force Start Inconsistent DSA

A “forcestart” command line option has been added to the dxserver application. The option allows starting a DSA that may not be started normally due to reporting inconsistent state.


SSL protocol settings

Two new SSL 'protocol' settings have been introduced to limit the negotiated protocol to TLS1.1 (tlsv11) and TLS1.2 (tlsv12) or higher. These can be set within the "set ssl = {" statement.


Packet corruption

Addressed two serious instances where response network packet corruption could occur. Both of these cases would cause the LDAP client to reject the response as invalid.


New Certifications

·        SLES 12 SP1