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How does your organization handle action items that are never responded to?

Question asked by amy.caliboso on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by amy.caliboso

Do you send reminders?  How?  Do you use the escalation feature?  Do you automatically close the action item and related request/object after a set time period? 


There doesn't seem to be an easy out of the box way to handle this, so I'm thinking our process will need to add a post condition step to send an email reminder via gel script after a specific number of days.  Then after another certain number of days send another gel email that the request is being cancelled and close the action item and related object systematically.  We don't want to use the escalation feature because we want to be able to send to the recipient of the action item, and this isn't an option in 13.2.  Is this a feature in later versions?


But I was thinking all the smart folks on the community might have some other ways they've handled it too.  Any good ideas out there?