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CA-SDM WS R11 - Getting Logs (CHG/HD)

Question asked by jpgonc on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by jpgonc

Hello everybody.

I have built a webservice (C#) that connects with the WS R11 and gets information from CHGs and HDs. My problem is to get the Activity Logs (Change Order Activity Log List) of those Change Orders or Incidents.


I am not sure if the Act_Log (alg) table and the Change_Act_Log (chgalg) are the tables where we can obtain the textual logs for HDs and CHGs respectively.

I use the doSelect method to obtain the other information. I know there is a certain nomenclature for the data fields such as:

group.combo_name; (textual description, not the ForeignKey) status.sym (also textual description, not the Fkey)


For instance, I use only the object table chg with doSelect for the Change Orders and obtain the textual data of the field Status which is in another table. (The field Status in the chg table is a foreign key - but using Status.sym I can go directly to get it as text)


Can someone helpme about the table, acronyms or nomenclature for those activity log tables?


Thank you in advance.